Current Release

This is the latest production release of Prism for C/AL.

Note: If you don't have a license, Prism for C/AL will automatically enable a 14-day trial period when first started. If you have evaluated a previous version without buying a license, you will automatically get another 14-day trial period when downloading the newest version.

See Release Notes for product history and read the EULA for terms and conditions.

Previous Release

Anti-virus false positives

A note on anti-virus software and how to solve a false positive detection.

System Requirements

Operating System Description
Windows 10 .. 11 Officially supported
Windows Server 2012 .. Customers have reported this to work
Windows 7 Customers have reported this to work with Prism for C/AL 2.10.0. Newer versions of Prism for C/AL do not support Windows 7 due to lack of dotnet core support.
Processor (System Type) Description
64-bit Officially supported
32-bit We currently build Prism for AL for 64-bit processers, only; if you require a 32-bit version, then please let us know or use Prism for C/AL 2.10.0.
System Fonts Description
Segoe Fluent Icons This font is required to display some icons correctly. Due to Microsoft's licensing, we are not allowed to distribute this font. You can download a zip with the font and EULA here.
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