Current Release

This is the latest production release of Prism for C/AL.

Need a trial license? After download and installation, get your trial license via Prism's control panel.

See Release Notes for product history and read the EULA for terms and conditions.

Previous Releases

Anti-virus false positives

A note on anti-virus software and how to solve a false positive detection.

System Requirements

Operating System Description
Windows 10 .. 11 Officially supported
Windows Server 2012 .. Customers have reported this to work
Windows 7 Customers have reported this to work with Prism for C/AL 2.10.0. Newer versions of Prism for C/AL do not support Windows 7 due to lack of dotnet core support.
Processor (System Type) Description
64-bit Officially supported
32-bit We currently build Prism for AL for 64-bit processors, only; if you require a 32-bit version, then please let us know or use Prism for C/AL 2.10.0.
System Fonts Description
Segoe Fluent Icons This font is required to display some icons correctly. Due to Microsoft's licensing, we are not allowed to distribute this font. You can download a zip with the font and EULA here.