Commercial model

Our commercial model is subscription-based and subscriptions are renewed once a year. A subscription is for a number of named users, so each user has her/his own license.

Yes, we regularly release new versions which users can download for free from our web-site.

Yes, users can request support via Prism's built-in feedback facility (Help | Feedback) or send an email to

Yes, to support changes in staff, we allow license transfer to another employee. You can perform the transfer yourself using our self-care solution (log in to MyPages).

Yes, if a screenshot from our web-site is not enough, then you can get a simple email quote or even a formal quote document, should you require that. Simply email us at

Yes, when signing up or when purchasing additional named users, you can enter your PO number and that will be printed on the invoice. For renewal invoices, please email your PO number for renewal to

Payment terms are 14 days. Our standard process is to send the license keys when the invoice has been paid, so we normally do not send reminders.

We support credit card payment via as well as bank transfers via SWIFT and US domestic transfers. You will find the details on your invoice.

Signing up

You can sign up for a subscription online in our webshop.

We support subscriptions in currencies, EUR, USD and DKK.

EU customers need to provide a VAT number that is valid for cross-border transactions. We validate your VAT number using the European Commission's VIES service.

License keys

We deliver your license keys via email to the email address that we have registered for your subscription.

Our standard process is to deliver your license keys when we receive your payment. If you pay by credit card, then delivery follows within minutes. If you pay by bank transfer, there is a little delay until we discover your payment. The licenses are also available in our self-care solution.

You can install your license key through Prism's control panel.

No, a user can install her/his own license key on several machines, also customer machines.

No, license keys are for a single user.

Yes, the license key is stored per operating system user, so it works on a terminal server even if the installation is shared. Each user simply installs her/his own license key.

We generate license keys so they are valid until 20 days after your next subscription renewal date. This is to allow time to get the renewal invoice paid and the new license keys distributed.

Prism functionality will revert to 'Community Edition' behaviour, so a lot of functionality will be disabled. Once you receive your new license key, you can install it via Prism's control panel.


We will generate your next invoice via and email it to you when your current subscription period ends and the new period starts. For example, if you signed up SEP 1, 2020, then your next invoice will be sent on SEP 1, 2021.

In self-care (log in to MyPages) you can see your prices in the 'Subscription' tab.

Yes, just send an email to

No. If you pay your resubscription invoice on time, then you are good. We email the invoice on the first day of your new subscription period. However, license keys expire 16 days after the resubscription date, so with 14 day payment terms, there is time to get the new license keys in place before the old one expires. If you run into troubles due to long invoicing cycles, just let us know and we will find a solution. The last thing we want is to hinder your productivity.

E-mail communication

You can ensure that your email system always allows emails from the following domains that we use for communication:
  • Main domain for our personal emails
  • Domain for automated emails regarding e.g. licensing
  • Domain for invoices and other automated emails from

We use for managing subscriptions and invoices and for credit card payments. If you want to ensure that an invoice sent from is legitimate, then you can always log on to MyPages and find your invoice there.

Yes, just send us an email with the additional email address for invoices.