Accumulated Release Notes

Prism for AL 1.5.0

Released October 5th, 2021

ID Type Description
1665 Feature BC19: Support for app.json resourceExposurePolicy
1667 Feature BC19: Support for ColumnStoreIndex table property
1666 Feature BC19: Support for IncludedFields key property
1607 Feature Grouping in free text search
1592 Feature Run reports from command-line
1674 Feature Field usages in XmlPort field attributes and elements: include attribute/element in result
1630 Feature Go to Source should be part of navigation history
1629 Feature Switching object view (extended, object, source) should remember position
1628 Feature Go to Source should scroll source into center of view, if space permits
1636 Feature Shortcut to open log (Ctrl+L)
1637 Feature Open current session log (Ctrl+Shift+L)
1648 Feature Invalid license key response should suggest possible reasons and remedies
1646 Bugfix Parse error when # is used in code discarded by compiler directive
1658 Bugfix Load fails when platform is not defined in app.json
1567 Bugfix DotNet type without alias does not resolve when default System is left out
1460 Bugfix Protected variables in base object not resolved in extension object
1421 Bugfix Fields in OrderBy properties are not resolved
1420 Bugfix Fields in RunPageView and SourceTableView are not resolved
1669 Bugfix Module path link opens *.app file instead of NavxManifest.xml in text editor
1649 Bugfix Free text search sometimes fails to show all found results
1678 Bugfix Navigation from Free Text Search links to source view should not loose focus in search result view
1653 Bugfix Find Usages of Control Area fails when analyzing Page Customizations
1641 Bugfix Name resolution wrongly resolves to base table field (via TableNo and SourceTable properties) rather that local declaration of same name

Prism for AL 1.4.1

Released July 9th, 2021

ID Type Description
1626 Bugfix Some users cannot start Prism for AL 1.4.0 following installation

Prism for AL 1.4.0

Released July 7th, 2021

ID Type Description
1470 Feature Go to code in source view
1605 Feature Prism for AL Connector: Support for multiple instances of VSCode
1055 Feature Open package file (*.app)
1571 Feature Find usages of page controls
1584 Feature Find usages of page views
1598 Feature Find usages of query data items
1585 Feature Find usages of query columns
1590 Feature Find usages of query filters
1580 Feature Find usages of page actions
1616 Feature Search event publishers (directly in search menu)
1455 Feature Increase visibility when an object is based on a symbol file
1622 Feature New shortcuts to change search scope in free text search window (Ctrl+{1,2,3})
1618 Feature New shortcut for free text search across all objects (Ctrl+Shift+F)
1613 Feature Consistent module icon usage (*,app vs, app.json with Git status coloring)
1611 Feature Option to toggle visibility of unresolved dependencies in module dependency graph
1609 Feature Common source commands in context menus
1603 Feature Option to toggle visibility of propagated dependencies in module dependency graph
1587 Feature Show reason when features are disabled (unlicensed or not applicable)
1573 Feature Start page to show module Id
1570 Feature Outline view improvements
1569 Feature Control panel should show which workspaces are currently open
1554 Feature New command to delete all packages from the package cache
1542 Feature Free text search results should navigate to the selected view (including source view)
1316 Feature Click to collapse module details
1620 Bugfix SubPageLink property field value not resolved correctly when Provider property is set
1621 Bugfix Provider and FreezeColumn property values not found as usage of page control
1601 Bugfix BC18.2 System application symbol: Permissions and Labels unhandled
1596 Bugfix Copy codeblock to clipboard fails
1593 Bugfix Type resolution incomplete for e.g. query columns
1576 Bugfix Page UI: Action separators not displayed
1575 Bugfix Too specific control collection name in object and outline view in some cases
1574 Bugfix Some free text search links into extended objects are wrong
1568 Bugfix Close workspaces button disabled
1563 Bugfix Reopening a minimized workspace window should bring up the workspace window
1560 Bugfix code.cmd can't launch when settings path contains spaces
1558 Bugfix Cancel find usages doesn't close search window

Prism for AL 1.3.0

Released May 12th, 2021

ID Type Description
1499 Feature Find usages performance optimization
1516 Feature Free text search feature (high-performance successor to the old codeline search)
1506 Feature Goto line in Visual Studio Code
1507 Feature Visual Studio Code extension published to Marketplace: View in Prism for AL
1549 Feature BC18.1: ReportExtension modify dataset triggers
1523 Feature Find usages of report data items
1530 Feature Find usages of report columns
1536 Feature Find usages of trigger named return variables (enable in UI)
1546 Feature Sorted find usages results
1539 Feature Prism startup time optimization (package cache initialization)
1535 Feature Double-click on selected outline item to re-navigate
1510 Bugfix Copy code misses leading annotations and access modifiers
1517 Bugfix Parse error when OptionMembers property contains names that are also reserved words
1504 Bugfix Parse error on some properties
1545 Bugfix Go to source position does not work when position is outside currently visible area

Prism for AL 1.2.0

Released April 20th, 2021

ID Type Description
1371 Feature BC18: Complex return types
1452 Feature BC18: ReportExtension object type
1441 Feature BC18: PermissionSet object type
1442 Feature BC18: PermissionSetExtension object type
1429 Feature BC18: Entitlement object type
1475 Feature BC18: Table extension keys with base table fields (goto declaration for field and setcurrentkey; find usages of fields and keys)
1473 Feature BC18: Parsing of new properties
1444 Feature Outline view parity with object view; structure, styling and settings
1436 Feature Distinct visualization of disabled page controls and actions
1435 Feature Distinct visualization of disabled or obsolete fields and disabled keys
1465 Feature Evaluation of conditional compilation directives (app.json and #define/#undef)
1450 Feature Go to position in Prism from VS Code (Prism side; VS Code extension follows)
1216 Feature Search boxes - include partial word matches ('inter end' finds 'interface to send')
1425 Feature Variables, parameters and properties with object references should have context menu and better tooltip
1456 Feature Go to last link position (Ctrl+Space)
1443 Feature Copy procedure source to include trailing semicolon
1481 Feature Parsing: Ignore unrecognized characters with accent such as 'Â' in .al files (like VS Code does; not displayed)
1496 Bugfix Object reference tooltips wrong - caches last used value
1486 Bugfix Fields in page view Filter property not resolved
1483 Bugfix Parse error when TableRelation has condition field which is also a keyword
1480 Bugfix Parse error when XmlPort property UseLax is used
1451 Bugfix Search depth: click does not always work
1445 Bugfix INSERT repeated three times in Find System Function Usages dialog
1440 Bugfix Parse error when ControlAddIn is used as a variable type
1427 Bugfix Outline group name pluralization wrong in some cases and missing word spaces
1426 Bugfix Documentation help links should not be added to navigation history
1345 Bugfix Back navigation following click on extension arrow does not navigate back to previous location

Prism for AL 1.1.0

Released February 25th, 2021

ID Type Description
1304 Feature Dependency View (activate from bottom of object area)
1300 Feature Immediate view of where a table is used as Source Table via dependency view
1321 Feature Object view design changes
1337 Feature Semantic code coloring
1302 Feature Partial BC14 support
1192 Feature Flexible index grouping and sorting of modules and objects
1306 Feature Simplified object explorer (Using/Used By moved from Explorer to Dependency view)
1323 Feature Changed context menu cursor to hand and find usages with left mouse click
1372 Feature Outline navigation change: navigate to extended object declaration site rather than extension object declaration site
1369 Feature Explorer navigation change: navigate to extended object declaration site rather than extension object declaration site
1396 Feature Show properties in outline window (default=hidden)
1297 Feature Copy procedure (clipboard and text editor)
982 Feature Name resolution: respect protected keyword for procedures
1399 Feature Show Database Trigger Events in object view
1327 Feature Show field groups
1388 Feature Show field group modifications
1409 Feature Crop label type definition literals >60 chars and enable LeftClick to copy literals to clipboard
1378 Feature Group recent items by age
1377 Feature Refresh system function definitions
1330 Feature In-app request trial license
1309 Feature New view menu items and shortcuts in workspace
1295 Feature Index collapse/expand button now has hand cursor
1294 Feature Symbol parsing - improve property parsing for BC17.4 System Application
1265 Feature Highlight code group headline after navigating to it with code group shortcut
1315 Bugfix Parse error when block comments contains '/*' (unlike C/AL, AL does not have nested block comments)
1314 Bugfix Parse error when table relation or flowfield use fields that are also keywords
1311 Bugfix Parse error when flowfield has filter with multiple logical operators or negative numeric literals
1415 Bugfix Parse error when page part has multiplicity property
1395 Bugfix Name resolution fails for expressions enum::MyEnum::MyValue
1335 Bugfix Unresolved identifiers in some query DataItemLink properties
1292 Bugfix Name resolution: Subscriber has no link to publisher function when publisher is defined as local
1287 Bugfix Overload resolution chooses wrong overload when the call is scoped
1249 Bugfix Name resolution: fixes for resolving names in implicit 'rec'
1400 Bugfix Database trigger events missing from explorer view
1390 Bugfix Base object blank in object extends clause when base object module is unresolved
1387 Bugfix Explorer declaration group order is inconsistent with object and outline views
1348 Bugfix AccessByPermission property: permission was not visible
1346 Bugfix Property/trigger UI mixup in UserControl
1329 Bugfix System Application - asterisk/tooltip misleading
1308 Bugfix Recent item loss
1298 Bugfix Start page / module details / using: module dependency version constraints erroneous
1266 Bugfix Back navigation broken for merged extension declarations
1296 Bugfix Prism icon missing

Prism for AL 1.0.1

Released January 9th, 2021

ID Type Description
1285 Feature Change Prism package cache location to local application data
1286 Feature Add links to copy package cache optimization script to clipboard (Windows Defender exception)
1288 Feature Forward/backward keyboard shortcuts (ALT+LEFT|RIGHT) and mouse shortcuts
1281 Feature Shortcut properties code group
1274 Feature Start page: show dependency version constraints
1289 Feature Discoverability: show hand cursor when hovering over codeline mark area not yet marked
1282 Bugfix Workspace file "al.packageCachePath" setting ignored
1283 Bugfix Package cache path resolution fails if directory does not exist
1275 Bugfix Module dependency graph incorrect version constraint
1276 Bugfix Glyph fallback mechanism throws NullReferenceException when missing Segoe MDL2 Assets font (pre-Windows 10)

Prism for AL 1.0.0

Released December 30th, 2020

ID Type Description
1118 Feature Open folder without app.json file (automagic)
1218 Feature Load - use al.packageCachePath setting
1220 Feature Configurable package resolution
1226 Feature Detect and warn user of runtime package
1034 Feature Support for Enum objects
1035 Feature Support for EnumExtension objects
1040 Feature Support for DotNet objects
1039 Feature Support for ControlAddIn objects
1036 Feature Support for PageCustomization objects
1038 Feature Support for Profile objects
1223 Feature Find usages of Enum Values
1245 Feature Find usages of interfaces and codeunits in enum and enumextensions
1230 Feature Start page - package discovery panel
1255 Feature Shortcuts to code groups
1242 Feature Interface UI: List of implementations
1167 Feature Use standard outline icons across Prism
1228 Feature Module relations graph enhancements
1210 Feature Workspace window improvements
1211 Feature Control panel window improvements
1171 Feature Table keys in explorer should list fields
1017 Feature UI page views
1258 Feature Widen workspace window
1247 Feature BC 17.2 - test
1232 Bugfix Parse error when dotnet assembly or type names have dots and are unquoted
1240 Bugfix Parse error when XmlPort has property RecordSeparator
1273 Bugfix Parse error when page has EntityCaption or EntitySetCaption properties
1237 Bugfix Missing Application module not listed as Unresolved
1208 Bugfix Outline group header is malformatted

Prism for AL 0.9.6

Released November 19th, 2020

ID Type Description
1163 Feature Redesign control panel window
1162 Feature Redesign workspace window
1181 Feature Workspace start page: Solution overview
1196 Feature Workspace file cache (snapshots workspace files, so changes done in VS Code do not influence Prism until reload)
1200 Feature Workspace reload command
1157 Feature Package cache window (accessible from Control Panel)
1119 Feature Display module fields introduced in BC17: PreprocessorSymbols, SuppressWarnings, KeyVaultUrls, ApplicationInsightsKey
1193 Feature Upgrade to .NET 5
1158 Bugfix Support JSON comments in *.code-workspace, app.json and SymbolReference.json files
1147 Bugfix .code-workspace file support: paths with .. (dotdot/parent)
1173 Bugfix Page extension UI fails when add{after|before|first|last} section is empty
1183 Bugfix Find object usages did not find page referenced in page part controls
1190 Bugfix Installation wrongly requires .NET Framework 4.8 (and with error message in Danish)
1178 Bugfix Provider property value always displays 'Provider'
1166 Bugfix Module resolution window cannot resize
1165 Bugfix Parse error when variable of name "Actions" is used in code as Actions (without double quotes)
1175 Bugfix Parse error when dotnet type is declared without an alias
1090 Bugfix Symbol file parsing of Query and XmlPort objects incomplete
1176 Bugfix Symbol file parse error on System Application table "Reten. Pol. Filtering Param"
1185 Bugfix Objects from symbol files - visualization issues
1198 Bugfix Conditional compilation directives get truncated
1161 Bugfix Close all workspaces doesn't close windows

Prism for AL 0.9.5

Released October 20th, 2020

ID Type Description
1151 Bugfix Load error when report lacks data set, request page, and labels

Prism for AL 0.9.4

Released October 19th, 2020

ID Type Description
1148 Bugfix Startup error (cache directory does not exist)

Prism for AL 0.9.3

Released October 18th, 2020

ID Type Description
1023 Feature Module dependencies via app.json property 'application' (support for base application aliasing)
1070 Feature Module dependency proparation via app.json property 'PropagateDependencies'
1120 Feature Package diff resolution: use package 'signature' for uniqueness
1115 Feature Module dependency version behavior: MinVersion vs Version
1142 Feature Workaround for BC17 System Application SymbolReference.json being end-padded by NULs
1139 Feature Report "Save Object Dependencies" - added ControlAddIn dependency from pages
1138 Feature Report "Save Object Dependencies" - added interface dependency from Enum and EnumExtensions
1003 Feature Add extension name to 'Object Dependencies and 'Unreferenced Objects' reports
1136 Feature BC17: DataAccessIntent property
1134 Feature BC17: Conditional compilation (#if, #elif, #endif, #define, #undef) support (preliminary)
1133 Feature BC17: #pragma compiler directive support (preliminary)
1132 Feature BC17: #region compiler directive support (preliminary)
1129 Feature Diagnostic workspace resolution window
1128 Feature Friendly workspace address display
1137 Bugfix Parse error when last line of file is line comment without newline
1107 Bugfix Parse error when pageextension contains views
1106 Bugfix Parse error when table relation uses some specific const values
1095 Bugfix Parse error when XmlPort has property InlineSchema
1093 Bugfix Indexing error during load for certain scope (::) expressions
1131 Bugfix System module dependency missing in module graph visualization
1111 Bugfix Integration event properties (IncludeSender, GlobalVarAccess) show opposite boolean values
1104 Bugfix Find field usages: Table relation condition left-hand side resolved in relation table instead of source table
1103 Bugfix Open in Text Editor failed to open
1100 Bugfix Descriptive watermark text not shown in Prism fields
1096 Bugfix Enum is usage and dependency of a table field of type Enum
1105 Bugfix Installation issue: 'An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (StaticalPrism.deps.json) was not found'

Prism for AL 0.9.2

Released September 2nd, 2020

ID Type Description
1033 Feature Support for XMLPort objects
1032 Feature Support for Query objects
1015 Feature UI: Reports to show RequestPage when present
1059 Feature .NET Core Migration
1080 Feature Improved error message when workspace contains two modules with the same id
1068 Feature Logging of parse errors: only log fragment of code, not full object
1066 Feature Disable command line argument support.
1065 Feature Verbose log level user switch
1085 Bugfix Parse error on properties APIVersion, CharAllowed, SignDisplacement, SqlTimestamp and SqlDataType
1092 Bugfix Parse error when flowfield has empty CONST expression: CONST()
1091 Bugfix Parse error when ApplicationArea is empty
1074 Bugfix Parse error when in enum expressions when value is a keyword, e.g. MyEnum::Actions
1072 Bugfix Parse Exception 'syntax error'. Last token was 'T_SEMICOLON' - happens when source has an 'empty property', i.e. extra ';' between properties
1078 Bugfix Report top level properties and triggers not displayed
1086 Bugfix "Save Object Dependencies" report missed entries and did not print object id
1084 Bugfix Table dependency in AccessByPermission property not found
1083 Bugfix Installer language changed to English (was mixed Danish and English)
1079 Bugfix Navigation to report data item fails

Prism for AL 0.9.1

Released July 10th, 2020

ID Description
987 Use symbol file when package manifest has ShowMyCode=false setting
1041 Procedure overloading (resolution and find usages)
1037 Full support for Interface objects
1057 Allow higher memory usage (enabled 64-bit processes)
1058 Object outline: added 'using' and 'used by' sections
1042 Explore table relations enabled (was disabled in previous preview)
979 System function resolution completed including links to Microsoft's documentation