Prism for C/AL

Our code browser and analysis tool for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.

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Prism for AL

Our new code browser and analysis tool for the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform.

Introduction Offer

Extended object view - see extension declarations inline.

Solution Overview


  • Used By - see inbound dependencies
  • Usings - see outbound dependencies
  • Navigate between dependencies


  • See number of objects per type
Start page with solution wide overview.
Find usages anywhere.

Find Usages

Go deeper

  • Right-click declarations anywhere (procedures, fields, etc.) to find usages
  • Find usages across entire multi-module workspace - even in symbol files
  • ...and navigate to usages - also in symbol files
  • Expand search in results window

Focus on relevant usages

  • Flexible field filterings
  • Text filtering

Find Usages

Find usages of system instance methods

An Example: Chasing inserts

  • Find usages of insert on a given table
  • Distiguish between usages with temporary or persistent (physical) effects

System Instance Methods

  • Create: Insert
  • Read: FindFirst, FindLast, etc.
  • Update: Modify, ModifyAll
  • Delete: Delete, DeleteAll
  • Other: TransferFields, IsTemporary, CalcFields, SaveAsXml, etc.
Find usages of system instance methods - example: insert.
Shortcuts - navigate directly to code groups.

Time-Saving Shortcuts

Navigate directly to code groups (fields, procedures, controls, etc.)

Connect The Dots

Tame the complexity and make sense of it all.

  • Visually traverse dependencies
  • Propagated dependencies (e.g. Application)
  • Version constraints
  • Modules with only symbols marked with asterisk *
  • Flexible display options
Module dependency graph - visually traverse dependencies.
Navigation outline with flexible filtering and display options.

Navigation Outline

  • Textual wildcard search
  • Filter options for declaration types
  • Display options (show/hide details)
  • Inline extension declarations
  • Used By objects section
  • Using objects section
  • Breadcrumb for selected element - provides hierarchical context

Everything Is Under Your Control

  • Open workspace file
  • Open workspace folder - even works without an app.json file (Prism will make a placeholder in-memory module and include your code and packages)
  • Control package dependency depth: ability to control what dependencies to load (via a setting)
  • Control package resolution: ability to use package cache to resolve dependencies when missing symbol files (via a setting)
The Prism for AL control panel has flexible loading options.
Open in Visual Studio Code for editing - and reload in Prism.

Open in Visual Studio Code

Shortcut to open the current object in Visual Studio Code for editing.

Reload Workspace

Browse in Prism for AL and reload workspace to view latest changes (Prism for AL caches the workspace in memory).

Module-Level Git Status

Get an overview of Git status at the module level.

  • Current branch
  • Pending changes, incoming and outgoing commits
  • Latest commit
  • Information automatically refreshed
Git version control status information at the module level.


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