Current Release

This is the latest production release of Prism for AL.

Need a trial license? After download and installation, get your trial license via Prism's control panel. See Release Notes for product history.

Preview Release

This is preview 2 of Prism for AL 2.0.0 which enables deep analysis of syntax, references and control flow. Read more. You can also check out the Release Notes.

  • Prism for AL SE Setup x64.msix
  • PERFORMANCE TIP: For optimal graph loading performance, please review your anti-virus path exceptions. The exclusion paths were changed in version 1.9.0 due to heavy file activity during graph building.
  • The preview version can coexist with a previous version of Prism for AL, but to avoid confusion, we recommend that you uninstall your previous version first.

Previous Release

Visual Studio Code Extension

Supported Versions of Business Central

BC Version Description
21 Preliminary support; latest full test on BC 21 (preview build 45833)
20 Officially supported
19 Officially supported
18 Officially supported
17 Officially supported
16 Officially supported
15 Officially supported
14 Partly supported; the C/AL base application is loaded as a symbol file (no code in triggers/procedures)

System Requirements

Operating System Description
Windows 10 Officially supported
Windows 7 Customers have reported this to work
Windows Server 2012 Customers have reported this to work
Processor (System Type) Description
64-bit Officially supported
32-bit We currently build Prism for AL for 64-bit processers, only; if you require a 32-bit version, then please let us know
System Fonts Description
Segoe MDL2 Required font (SEGMDL2.TTF); due to Microsoft's licensing, we are not allowed to distribute this font

Known limitations

  • Symbol files properties TableRelations and CalcFields are not analyzed when they contain unquoted identifiers with spaces

Road map

The following items are on our radar for the next releases:

  • Additional functionality enabled by graph queries, such as commit analysis, CRUD analysis, and publisher reachability
  • Visibility of interface implementations

Our road map and product backlog is very much driven by community input. Please email us your ideas—big or small—to

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