Current Release

This is the latest production release of Prism for AL.

Previous Release

Supported Versions of Business Central

BC Version Description
17 Officially supported; tested up to 17.4
16 Officially supported
15 Officially supported
14 Partly supported; the C/AL base application is loaded as a symbol file (no code in triggers/procedures)

System Requirements

Operating System Description
Windows 10 Officially supported
Windows 7 Customers have reported this to work
Windows Server 2012 Customers have reported this to work
Processor (System Type) Description
64-bit Officially supported
32-bit We currently build Prism for AL for 64-bit processers, only; if you require a 32-bit version, then please let us know
System Fonts Description
Segoe MDL2 Required font (SEGMDL2.TTF); due to Microsoft's licensing, we are not allowed to distribute this font

Known limitations

  • Conditional compilation directives are partially implemented (ignored); this may cause compilation errors (in BC17.4, base application has one compilation error due to this issue)
  • Symbol files properties TableRelations and CalcFields are not analyzed when they contain unquoted identifiers with spaces

Road map

The following items are on our radar for the next release: