Major features unique to Prism for AL (compared to Prism for C/AL)

  • Merged object view (shows extension declarations inline)
  • Module dependency graph
  • Object outline

Supported versions

  • Business Central 15
  • Business Central 16 (tested with 16.0)

Release notes

Prism for AL 0.9.1 (released July 10th, 2020)
ID Description
987 Use symbol file when package manifest has ShowMyCode=false setting
1041 Procedure overloading (resolution and find usages)
1037 Full support for Interface objects
1057 Allow higher memory usage (enabled 64-bit processes)
1058 Object outline: added 'using' and 'used by' sections
1042 Explore table relations enabled (was disabled in previous preview)
979 System function resolution completed including links to Microsoft's documentation

Known preview limitations

  • Unsupported object types (only source code view supported):
    • Query (issue #1032)
    • XMLPort (issue #1033)
    • Enum (issue #1034)
    • EnumExtension (issue #1035)
    • PageCustomization (issue #1036)
    • Profile (issue #1038)
    • ControlAddIn (issue #1039)
    • DotNet (issue #1040)
  • Object types with limitations:
    • Pages: missing page views (issue #1016)
    • Reports: request page missing (issue #1015)
  • Transfer field mapping must include extended fields (issue #1020)
  • Name resolution: respect protected keyword (issue #982)
  • Name resolution: respect app.json InternalsVisibleTo (issue #981)

Planned features

Our top priority is to eliminate known preview limitations.

Further features planned:

  • Open solution from server (issue #975)
  • Add module name to search result (issue #1001)
  • Reports menu: add module name to reports (issue #1003)
  • VS Code integration, so Prism functionality can be invoked directly from VS Code


Statical Prism for AL Standard Edition (SE) Preview 0.9.1

Getting Started

  • Download and install Prism for AL
  • Open a VS Code folder or workspace file
  • During opening, Prism will:
    • Analyze module dependencies
    • Unpack and cache module dependencies (from .alpackages folder), so subsequent store opening is quicker
    • Analyze and index source code residing in the VS code project itself (single folder or multiple folders in case of workspace file)
    • Analyze and index source code in dependencies when ShowMyCode=true, otherwise index symbol file
  • Browse code of whole solution (for dependencies with ShowMyCode false, we cannot access the source code)
  • Use unique features for Prism for AL
  • Use 'good old' Prism functionality across the whole code base, e.g.:
    • Find usages of objects, procedures (including event publishers), triggers, variables, parameters
    • Find field usages including (where is field updated/read)
    • Find system function usages on objects, e.g. Insert/Modify
    • Procedure and Field name search


Your feedback is more than welcome!

Please send your feedback via Prism's built-in feedback facility or by email to