Statical Prism


Statical Prism is an intuitive and interactive C/AL code viewer with built-in "find usages" functionality.


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Feature Matrix

This table shows a comparison of the Community Edition (CE), available from and the Standard Edition (SE), available from this site.

Feature Community Edition (CE) Standard Edition (SE)
Intuitive Code Viewer yes yes
Go To Definition yes yes
Super-Fast Start-Up yes yes
NAV 2013 yes yes
Powerful Search yes yes
System Function Help yes yes
Save Objects yes yes
Find Local Usages yes yes
Find Procedure Usages no yes
Find Field Usages no yes
Find Key Usages no yes
Find System Function Usages no yes
Instant Object Usages no yes
Instant Object Dependencies no yes
Object Mirror yes yes
History no yes

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Why Prism?

When working with C/AL, a large amount of time is spent browsing existing code. This is due to several things. Firstly, there is quite a lot of NAV code available as Microsoft lets partners view and modify all business objects of NAV. Secondly, any meaningful NAV project uses and/or modifies pre-existing NAV features. Finally, code is viewed/browsed by most roles of NAV projects. Here are some examples:

When trying to understand code, easy navigation is key to productivity. Starting from NAV 2009, C/SIDE provides "go to declaration", but in order to find usages of e.g. procedures or fields, one had to use Developer's Toolkit, which Microsoft no longer supports. Prism provides both "go to declaration" and "find usages" in one tool and is a lot faster than Developer's Toolkit.

C/SIDE is quite a claustrofobic environment to work in, and while browsing code, it is easy to miss important information such as whether a record typed parameter is temporary or not. Prism fixes that by allowing users to see all data without the need to open multiple dialogues. Additionally, Prism shows object-level dependencies which will help architects and developers to keep the design fit.

Summing up, Prism increases your productivity and helps you improve the quality of your code.

If you are not yet convinced, then take a look at the main features below and also check out the more in-depth comparison with Developer's Toolkit and C/SIDE. Then give it a try by downloading.

Design goal

Our user interface design goal is to provide overview over objects and how they interact without the need for extra mouse clicks.

In short, Prism puts important information in your face, rather than just at your fingertips.

An example of this is the object level "Used By" and "Using" functionality, which presents the dependency "neighbourhood" of the selected object immediately when the object is selected.


Statical Prism requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Full) to be installed. If you do not already have it installed, you can download the MSI installer from Microsoft here.

Most recent Preview version:

NOTICE: This is the final Preview release of Statical Prism Standard Edition (SE). As usual, the version expires after 60 days. Well before then, we will announce pricing and also provide a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator. We plan to make the Standard Edition free to select parties. The Community Edition remains free to everyone.

Historic Preview versions:

In Prism's Help menu you can find the online help with a step-by-step example of how to use the application. You can also go directly to the help page.

Release Notes

Click here to view the accumulated release notes.

Submitting bug reports

Please note that this is a hobby project, so we do not provide support as such. Nonetheless we are very interested in bug reports so we can add them to the list of known bugs and resolve them when we have the time to do so. Also, if you have some good ideas, these are also very welcome.

Note: It is possible to submit bug reports and feedback directly from within Prism.

Other Feedback

Send other feedback to:

Note: It is possible to submit bug reports and feedback directly from within Prism.


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