Luc van Vugt published an nice blog post about some of the new features in Statical Prism 2.2.0: find table trigger usages and field usage filtering improvements.

April 3rd 2017

Statical Prism 2.2.0 - some neat new features

Luc van Vugt (@lucvanvugt)


Luc van Vugt published an informative blog post about a very useful but somewhat hidden Prism feature about TRANSFERFIELDS analysis/visualization.

December 19th 2015

Statical Prism and TRANSFERFIELDS

Luc van Vugt (@lucvanvugt)

Steven Renders published a blog post about his experiences with Statical Prism, noticing raw load speed and mirrors.

February 20th 2015

Statical – Prism, a NAV Code Browser and Analyzer

Steven Renders (@srenders)


Vjekoslav Babic published a blog post outlining his experience with Prism and noticing its great performance.

October 14th 2014

Statical Prism – a simple, but practical C/AL code analyzer

Vjekoslav Babic (@vjekob)


Steffen Forkmann published a blog post about Prism and writing about its speed and productivity benefits.

April 8th 2013

Statical Prism - Static Analysis for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Steffen Forkmann (@sforkmann)